At Store-All Logistics where Quality is the lifeblood of everything we do and our Quality System is the heart of our operations, so our personnel are the muscles of our organisation. At Store-All Logistics the effectiveness of our commitment and fairness to all personnel can be measured by the extremely low turnover in staff.

Maintaining a large base of loyal trained personnel benefits our customers in the consistency of service we provide to them. Store-All Logistics has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Recruitment, Induction and Appraisal of personnel, whilst we have a separate SOP for personnel leaving Store-All Logistics’ employment.

These SOP’s ensures that the introduction or removal of personnel is controlled and will not impact on our customers. A large part of our commitment to both our personnel and our customers is in providing relevant training to all of our personnel and keeping everyone’s training up to date. See our section on Training.

Key personnel within our organisation are those that are part of our Quality Team. See our section on Key Personnel. As part of our Irish Medicines Board (IMB) Licence Store-All Logistics are required to nominate a suitable Responsible Person. See our section on Responsible Person.

The key strengths include: